What is 8K with a M8?

You and a mate complete 4K each to reach that 8km goal together. You can run, jog, walk or cycle it. It’s a great way to reach out to a friend, raise awareness for mental health and raise money for great causes - all at the same time.

How does it work?

One of you signs up (the Primary) and pays for the entry. All profits from entry go to Samaritans and you have the option to donate further to either Samaritans, or another mental health partner charity. After sign-up, you are given a unique URL to send to your 8K partner. You both then have to complete 4K each, remembering to record the distance on your favourite GPS device or app.

Once you have covered and have recorded your 4K, return to your 8K with a M8 dashboard and upload your evidence as an image e.g. a Strava workout screenshot and await for the 8K with a M8 elves to review you evidence and accept it. Once both you and your M8’s 4Ks have been approved - you have completed!

You will receive a notification email of completion and your virtual medal and digital certificate will be immediately available to download, share, print and keep forever, from your 8K with a M8 dashboard! You can also upload a selfie in the dashboard to create a cool stylised finisher photo of you and your M8! Those of you who have opted for the awesome physical medal can hold tight for the metal medal to be posted out once the event finishes in a few weeks.

Do I have to cover 4K?

Yes. Because your evidence and your M8’s evidence will be uploaded independently, there is no way for us to know that one of you has agreed to cover more or less than the other e.g. 3K and the other 5K. Both of you must cover 4K each. If you cover under 4K, your evidence will be rejected.

Do I have to cover the full distance all in one go?

You can either submit evidence for covering the 4K distance in one outing, or you could cover it in multiple walks/runs/bike rides. When you come to upload your evidence, you can upload more than one piece of evidence. For example, you could decide to walk 1K a day for four days. As a result - upload your four pieces of evidence, total the four times together and enter this upon your evidence submission. Just as long they all equal at least 4K.

What do you mean by 'evidence'?

As 8K with a M8 is a Virtual Event, you'll be completing it on your own in a location of your choosing. Therefore to earn your virtual medal and certificate, you need to submit evidence that you have covered the 4K distance. The best and most accurate way to record this is by using a GPS fitness or smart watch, or a fitness app (Strava, Garmin, Polar Flow, Fitbit etc.). Once you have recorded the distance, take a screenshot or photo of the 4K. This is your 'evidence'.

What kind of evidence do you accept?

Evidence can be anything that proves you have covered the full distance of your Virtual Event. For example screenshots from tracking apps or photos of your running watch. You can even send us a photo of a treadmill or cycling machine dashboard if you’re lucky enough to have one!

Where do I submit my evidence?

To submit the evidence that you’ve completed your 4K distance, login to 8K with a M8 and go to the Manage entries area of the dashboard. Here you will see your 8K with a M8 entry/entries.
In addition, enter the time it took you to cover the 4K, in Hours:Minutes:Seconds. The times submitted are approved by real human beings, so no 30 second 4K submissions allowed! ;-)

When uploading your evidence screengrabs or photos, wait for a green tick, to ensure that your evidence has uploaded successfully. Double check that all of your details are correct and hit the ‘Submit Evidence’ button. You'll see an on-screen confirmation that your evidence has been submitted.

If one of our evidence approval elves thinks that your time is a bit suspicious, or that there is a problem with the attached image evidence, it will be rejected - with a friendly note to ask you re-check your evidence and submit again.

What format should my evidence be in?

Evidence should be uploaded in the form of a screenshot or photograph. Accepted formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png.

Does it matter where I run or cycle?

You can run, walk, jog or cycle wherever you like (providing you adhere to social distancing), as long as you can show evidence of the run. Whether this is through city streets, forests, parks, trails or on the treadmill - the choice is yours.

When have we completed 8K with a M8?

Once both you and your M8's evidence has been approved, you have officially completed 8K with a M8 and you will both be able to claim your virtual medal, digital certificate, finisher photo (and physical medal if you bought them).
If you have uploaded your evidence and had it approved, but your friend has not - it might be a good excuse to get in touch and ask them how they are getting on with their 4K.

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit, you can complete the distance at your own pace. As long as your evidence shows you have completed the 4K distance then you will receive your virtual medal and digital certificate.

Is there an age limit for Virtual Events?

There is no age limit for 8K with a M8. However, to create an 8K with a M8 profile, you must be 18 or older. If you are under 18 years of age, you must use a parent or guardian’s email address and seek their permission first.

When will my physical medal arrive?

All medals will be distributed once the event draws to a close in a few weeks.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for 8K with a M8 once purchased. Please ensure you are able to complete your 4K when signing up for one, as we are unable to offer a refund if you change your mind or can’t complete the distance.

Do I need an account to join 8K with a M8?

Yes. To sign up for an 8K with a M8, enter your email address and choose a password. Verify that email address and then login to complete your entry. This is where you’ll track your 8K with a M8 and submit your evidence. Accounts are free to set up.

How should I train for my 8K with a M8?

For training tips and advice from nutrition to clothing, please visit our Training Tips area

Can I enter more than one 8K with a M8?

Yes! You can go to Enter as many times as you like. Please ensure you are able to participate in the Virtual Event safely.

Can I use my evidence from a 4K with one M8, with a separate 8K with a M8 challenge?

There is nothing wrong with completing one 8K with a M8 with one friend and then using that same 4K evidence to submit for another 8K with a M8, but with a different M8. We would encourage you to do a separate 4K, to keep you fit and active and to make it unique to that 8K with that M8. But it’s your call.

I really enjoyed 8K with a M8! Where can I do more Virtual Events?

That's great news! If you enjoyed participating in 8K with a M8 - we would encourage you to share your experience on social media - maybe upload a photo in the dashboard and share your finisher photo! You can do 8K with a M8 again if you would like to - or challenge yourself to a different Virtual Event on realbuzz.com. Here there are dozens of Virtual Events with different challenges and medals up for grabs. Many of the Virtual Events are for charities, like Samaritans, who desperately need your funding at this critical time.

Where can I connect with others to take part in 8K with a M8 with me?

Once you've decided to take part in 8K with a M8, reach out to a friend by picking up the phone, emailing them or texting them to make sure that they are game. You could tag them on social media to get others to do the same - #8KM8

Can I run 8K with a M8 for charity?

All profits from entries from 8K with a M8 go to Samaritans. You can also specify a one-off additional donation to either Samaritans, or one of our other mental health partner charities (Mental Health Foundation, Mind, Rethink Mental Illness or MQ Transforming Mental Health). Equally, if you would like to set up a fundraising page for a charity of your choice - that's amazing! Set up a fundraising page on your chosen online fundraising platform, then start raising money. 

Got a question about something else?

If you have a question that's not been answered by our FAQ page here, don't hesitate to drop us an email at: 8k-m8@realbuzz.com